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The additional difficulties for the automatic synthesis of specifications posed by logic features in functional-logic languages

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Conference Proceedings


ICLP (Technical Communications), Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum Fuer Informatik, Volume To appear (2012)


This paper discusses on the additional issues for the automatic inference of algebraic property-oriented specifications which arises because of interaction between laziness and logical variables in lazy functional logic languages.
We present an inference technique that overcomes these issues for the first-order fragment of the lazy functional logic language Curry. Our technique statically infers from the source code of a Curry program a specification which consists of a set of equations relating (nested) operation calls that have the same behavior. Our proposal is a (glass-box) semantics-based inference method which can guarantee, to some extent, the correctness of the inferred specification, differently from other (black-box) approaches based on testing techniques.